Safety Support Blocks

We recognise that the industry is looking for innovative and safe alternatives. Particularly in the realm of stabilising plants, equipment, and facilitating rescue operations, the demand for solutions that are both efficient and reliable has never been more critical. This brings us to the forefront of a great solution – BLOX Safety Support blocks

BLOX Safety Support blocks have been designed to stabilise heavy loads that have been lifted for service, access or repair. All BLOX Safety Supports are manufactured from a uniquely formulated compound consisting of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and Polyurethane to create a safer alternative to traditional timber blocks. Typically, individual pieces are referred to as “blocks” and the structure or stacks are commonly described as “cribs”.


Manufactured from repurposed composite plastics that would have normally ended up in landfill, the entire BLOX range is engineered to provide exceptional performance, optimum safety and durability in some of the world’s harshest working environments including; mining, oil and gas, construction and heavy equipment maintenance industries, to name but a few.

As industries continue to advance, so too must the tools and methods they employ. BLOX Safety Support blocks represent a significant leap forward in the realm of stabilising heavy loads. Their innovative design, and commitment to safety make them a standout choice for industries seeking reliable and sustainable solutions. Embrace the future of industrial stability with BLOX Safety Support – where innovation meets safety, and tradition makes way for progress.

The key features of our Australian Made Blox range include:

✓ Known working load limit (WLL) of 122 kg/cm2 and maximum block working capacity 

✓ Tested under the guidance of AS1170.2.2002 and AS2498.3.1998 

✓ Unique cup and cone interlocking profile provides maximum interlocking and safety 

✓ Manufactured from a consistent formula of repurposed used plastics and polymers 

✓ Hi visibility Orange on non load bearing surfaces 

✓ Light weight 

✓ 50 year warranty against splitting, rotting, absorption, termites and mould 

✓ Controlled manufacturing process for consistent quality 

✓ Splinter free 

✓ Non-absorbent 

✓ Will not catastrophically fail 

✓ Resistant to fuel, oil and most chemicals


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