Hydro-Tek Mini Power Packs

See below for more detail to learn more about Hydro-Tek pumps or Contact Dan to make a plan.

Jonel Hydraulics has recently sourced the Hydro-Tek range of completely modular low pressure pumps to New Zealand to provide customers with 100% customisable hydraulic power solutions.  That way you get the solution that is right for your application rather than the one your supplier has in stock at the time.

Jonel’s hydraulic system design team bring many years’ of experience to your project, from a wide range of major industries including OEM Manufacturers, Earthmoving, Transport, Forestry, Marine, Agricultural, Industrial and Plant, Building and Construction, Civil and more.

“Modular pumps mean more customisable hydraulic tooling solutions – and a better fit for your project!

Our team are here to help customise the right Hydro-Tek pump to your needs and create bespoke tooling if needed for more unique projects.”                              – Dan Wood, Jonel

Contact the team at Jonel to confirm your requirements and we will provide the ideal pump configuration and accurate pricing.