Rangitoto College Apprenticeship – Meet Blake

This year Jonel Hydraulics onboarded Blake, a student from Rangitoto College’s Gateway to Employment Program.

This program offers selected Year 12 and 13 students real life skills to enable them to be better prepared for their future. The program combines in-class learning with external industry related courses and a work experience placement.

This is the first year Jonel has engaged in Rangitoto’s Gateway to Employment Program. It has been great to watch Blake harness his skills to prepare himself for ‘real’ industry experiences. This program is a 4 year, full-time work based apprenticeship. Upon completion Blake will obtain a Trade Certificate in Fitting and Machining.

The current tasks that Blake undertakes at this stage in his apprenticeship includes:

  • Learning basics of mechanical engineering
  • Housekeeping
  • Measuring
  • Sketching/drawing
  • Safe use of hand tools 
  • Safe use of power tools
  • Plus more!

Blake has been coming to work during his school holidays. He has now finished school at Rangitoto College and is currently working four days a week with the workshop team. He will transfer to full time work in January 2023… and the best part is, Blake will be paid while learning and gaining industry experience. 

Rangitoto College screens all students interested in the Gateway to Employment program which helps identify potential candidates, simplifying the interview process for us. At Jonel we understand the importance of employing apprentices as it contributes to the future of the industry through providing quality, experienced engineers.

At Jonel Hydraulics we work with a wide range of clients on a variety of different projects. We welcome clients who would like to involve us in the technical aspects of their upcoming projects. Contact us here!

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