RAD Torque Tools for Oil, Gas & Mining Industries

Oil and gas giants like ExxonMobil and Shell use RAD Torque’s tools at their refineries, petrochemical plants and gasoline dispensaries around the globe, and RAD also works with some of the largest mining companies in the world – like Suncor and Syncrude – so they understand the pressures faced by mechanics in these industries and have designed bolting tools to help minimize downtime and maximize torque.

Safety and secure connections in Oil and Gas

Our spark-free technology helps companies ensure the safety of workers and the communities in the oil and gas industry – where safety is the most important priority!

Nut and bolt applications play a big role in the oil and gas industry and require a specific torque. This includes pooling towers, refineries, standard flanging and much more.

RAD pneumatic tools give oil and gas companies peace of mind that pipes are securely connected – both to prevent leaks, and stop them quickly when they occur. RAD’s tools are accurate, fast and only require one employee unlike many other wrenches that are used to flange pipes, pumps, valves, and other equipment.

Time is money in the Mines

We understand that downtime caused by malfunctions costs oil and gas companies big money. Our torque wrenches ensure flange connections are done properly to prevent and eliminate costly leaks.

The mining industry uses some of the biggest haul trucks in the world, which often carry close to 400 tones! These trucks play a huge role in daily mining operations and regularly need new tires and maintenance. Kal Tire and Finning service a lot of mines in Canada and rely on RAD’s larger tools – like the 50DX and 60DX – when changing tires on haul trucks.

Mining can be strenuous physical labour, so RAD bolting tools are designed to be ergonomically friendly.

Large old style impact wrenches have a big impact on mechanics’ bodies, wearing down parts of the tool and the users’ wrists. RAD wrenches are zero impact – when set to a specific torque the wrench will be accurate to plus or minus five per cent.

Wrenches for replacing haul truck tyres are the most commonly demanded RAD Tools in the mining industry, and RAD’s lightweight, high torque tools make routine tire changes quick and easy. RAD also supply strut kits for the Caterpillar 797 and the Komatsu 980, tools for engine barring, tie rod bolts for haul truck suspensions and wrenches for track pads, final drive segments, cutting blades, mill liners and wheel nuts.

RAD – a global presence

RAD have worldwide distribution and calibration centres in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, China, Europe and Middle East who can manufacture and ship custom tools for mining, gas and oil companies in minimum timeframes.

See the RAD Bolting Tools Mining catalogue or the Oil & Gas catalogue or view our range here.

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