RAD Torque Multiplier, ERAD2500COMP  “hits the target, time after time after time”

Service Manager; Kevin Armstrong of West-Trak Wiri, supports many of the great “dirt movers” in the North Island; that is providing new excavator and dozer chain with specified track shoes.

Anything from 8T to a 50T excavator or a D4 to a D10 dozer has 300-400 bolts for every set of tracks. Every one of those bolts are normally snugged, torqued, and turned to a predetermined setting.

Recently, Kevin went shopping for a Torque Multiplier which would give him accurate and measurable bolt tightening time after time. Kevin did a lot of research about electric torque wrenches and Jonel sourced a wrench from Australia for him to trial before purchase. Kevin selected the E-RAD as being perfect for his needs.

The E-RAD combines the RAD gearbox design with an AC Servo motor technology to reduce bolting time by up to 300% as compared to conventional hydraulic wrenches. They are designed to provide a high degree of accuracy (+/- 3% on target) for high torque assembly applications.

Kevin uses an Electronic Torque Multiplier ERAD2500COMP  because of its range of torque/turn, repeatability, and when supported by a spring balance, it’s practically effortless. Kevin told me that it’s useful that the E-RAD shows peak torque after turn. Often when the torque and turn method is used, operators have little idea of the final setting.

In his words and with a smile “ it handles everything we do, it’s all set and we have no problem doing hundreds of bolts at a time”