This product range has been designed using state-of-the-art CAD techniques to bring you the most advanced bolt tensioner on the market. Safety, quality, toughness and reliability are built in.
To ensure that the tools you buy meet our own exacting requirements, during the design process every prototype was put through finite element stress analysis, rigorous cyclic testing and strain gauging.

  • Superior sealing ability
  • Overstroke elimination
  • Piston stroke indication
  • Misalignment compensation
  • Rapid power return stroke
  • Interchangable adaptor kit
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Key features

  • Overstroke Eliminator – A relief valve has been incorporated into the piston to prevent overstroking, thus eliminating seal damage and improving operator safety. When the maximum stroke is exceeded, the overstroke relief valve bleeds off the water-based hydraulic fluid safely within the tool.
  • Rapid Power Return Stroke – (Improved time saving) Automatic, spring-assisted piston retraction assists in reducing the duration of tensioning programmes.
  • Misalignment Compensation – The unique floating piston design allows a 3-degree tit (in any direction) without loss of load, eliminating piston seizure or damage to the cylinder bore and aiding tool retraction.
  • Piston Stroke Indicator – The integral piston stroke indicator allows piston stroke to be viewed, measured and controlled.
  • Seals – Low friction, anti-roll/non spiralling seals and rigid backup rings are incorporated within a unique piston/cylinder esign for improved life and reliability.
  • Adaptor Kit – The interchangeability of adaptor kits (bridges, nut rotating disc and puller sleeve) enables a number of different bolt sizes to be tensioned using a single load cell.
  • Nut Rotating Disc – A range of nut rotating disks are incorporated to eliminate the need for, and preparation of pre-drilled nuts.
  • Should you have an application where it is not possible to use the standard range of tools, then we invite you to draw on our extensive experience in providing tailor-made solutions to problems involving bolted joints.

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