Made to measure where other tools can’t, Hydratight’s AquaMax® Subsea Tensioner is a new tool specifically designed to tension Compact flanges as well as all standard ANSI, API and MSS types.

AquaMax® is the only tool on the market that can offer such a high load capacity on such a wide variety of applications – up to 30% more than traditional tensioners.

Comprising 19 bolt diameter specific tools, with eight tools forming the core range, The AquaMax® series features industry leading Quick Fastening Nut technology, guaranteed to save time and increase efficiency.

Primarily for use on subsea applications, each tool within the core range covers 100% of the standard flanges that utilise the bolt diameter it was designed for and approximately 80% of flanges that utilize the next size down.

Plus, you’ll find all of the user-friendly features and service operations of the AquaMax® range, providing a comprehensive solution to meet your load generation needs:

  • Fits all standard flanges including ANSI, API, Taperlok and Compact: reducing your need for kit and total tool inventory costs.
  • Generates up to 50% more load than traditional tensioners with a maximum working pressure of 1500 bar (21,750 psi).
  • Quick fastening reaction nut: allows rapid tool application and removal regardless of bolt length, corrosion or thread damage.
  • Unique floating piston design: tilts in any direction without loss of load, eliminating piston seizure and aiding tool retraction.
  • Large stroke capability with overstroke elimination: with 1 3⁄16″ of stroke capability, tools are safe and easy to use.
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