None of us are getting any younger….

Look closely at this photo and you will see a Zero G arm with a 16kg work tool attached to it.

You probably won’t get it until you watch the video but it makes light work of any repetitive task with a heavy tool.

You won’t find Zero G on our website yet (coming soon) but we are convinced these “bionic arms” will become a major productivity tool for an ageing workforce.

Zero G arms are an adaption from the bio-medical industry and are perfect for holding heavy tools over long periods of time, especially over your head.

There is also a personal Ekso Vest for mobility applications which we hope to be able to demonstrate shortly.

For a more detailed look at a Zero G arm please watch the Zero G demonstration video below.  We have a demonstration unit in Auckland so if you have a suitable application for its use please get in touch with Shane to see it in action.

Zero-G Tool

Zero G Tool Handling Arm and Frame



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