Lift & Shift Job – Newmarket Railway

Newmarket Railway Station is one of the busiest stations in Auckland, New Zealand. Situated in the inner-city suburb of Newmarket, it serves the Southern, Onehunga and Western Lines of the Auckland railway network.

Jonel Hydraulics was engaged to relocate existing prefabricated signals equipment building 500mm. The initial challenge was undertaking planning without having any on-site preparation as the relocation had to be completed over a weekend. Nonetheless, the team did what they do best and got the job done!

The attached building had cables leading to signals which meant electrical engineers were required to assist inside the building whilst the relocation took place. The cables had to be moved manually by hand as the bearers were inserted. During the move the cables then had to be positioned so there was no contact at the new location. 

The existing prefabricated signals needed to be lifted 400mm so bearers can be slid underneath. Hence the signals were moved 500mm laterally and then lowered on to 310mm UC bearers. The teams utilised hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and load rated cribbing block. Shane Quigley, Jonel’s experienced specialist in lift/shift work using high force hydraulics, was assigned to this project to ultimately to allow for safe clearance around the corridor and to complete the project successfully.

This job was completed alongside the team from Libbet Construction

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