Jonel Trade-In Torque Hose deal

700Bar Oil Injection resistant & MDG41 compliance

Fully Compliant to MDG41 – Guideline for Fluid Power System Safety .

Assembly Construction Hose: 720BAR Thermoplastic wire braid hose 4:1 safety. Ends: ¼” NPT Male B/E as a standard but other ends available on request. Couplers: 2 common types available. Bend Restrictors: Moulded hard plastic fitted to ferrule. Protective Sleeve: TEXSLEEVE® – Double sheathed. Method of attaching the TEXSLEEVE®: Heat Shrink to ferrule & Sleeve.

Trade in your old Torque Hose set for this safe 700Bar Oil Injection resistant Hose JB-600TPMDG Torque Hose Set – 6.0 Metres,  RTP $1045.

$949 +GST

Price is based on Trade-in special shipped to Jonel AKL or CH. Other lengths available on request, offer expires 31 August 2018, freight additional.


  • Do not exceed 720 bar maximum pressure.
  • Do not handle hoses which are under pressure.
  • To ensure the integrity of your system, specify only correct system hoses.

Hose Oil Capacity

When using greater hose lengths, it is sometimes necessary to fill the pump reservoir after filling the hoses. To determine the hose oil capacity, use the following: For 6.4 mm inside diameter hoses: Capacity (cm3) = 32.16 x Length (m)