Jonel Christchurch is NZ’s first Certified Authorised Enerpac Service Centre

Enerpac are reviewing their Authorised Service Centres globally, as part of a new certification program designed to ensure each service centre is following Enerpac’s new and revised service-based processes, systems and most importantly, meeting the end user’s needs.

The certification process to become Certificated Authorised Enerpac Service Centre is vigorous and thorough, with the validation carried out by an Enerpac specialist Engineer. Each Enerpac Service Centre is marked out of 70 units, and must obtain 60 for validation. Assessments also contain milestones to celebrate the maturity of the Service Centre in the Safety Journey.

The Authorised Service Centre Validation was first undertaken at Jonel’s Hydraulic Workshop in Christchurch, with the centre passing the audit with flying colours for fully Certified Authorised Service Centre status. The Jonel Hydraulics Auckland Workshop and office will have the Enerpac Validation process completed later in 2018.

Jonel Hydraulics is proud partner to Enerpac.  Providing servicing of genuine Enerpac products under the banner of being an Authorised Service Centre gives our clients total peace of mind, they know the highest quality services is been carried out using the latest procedures, products and tools available.

Together with Enerpac, we are working towards improving our after sale support services and this includes spare parts availability, timely servicing, and in cases hire units resulting in increased customer satisfaction, and importantly brand loyalty.

Preferred partners for maintenance & repair of Enerpac products

Authorised Service Centres provide top quality maintenance and repair services for Enerpac products. Over 60 service centres have been certified throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. A service centre’s authorised status is approved and maintained through a regular audit process by Enerpac.

Certification as an Authorised Service Centre guarantees:

  • Safety is a primary focus
  • Authorised Service Centre staff are trained by experienced Enerpac trainers
  • Original OEM Enerpac parts are used for repair
  • Work shop tools and equipment are tailored for all Enerpac repairs
  • Repair as new, replacing worn parts as part of the overhaul process
  • Repair under Warranty is supervised by Enerpac
  • Effective administrative handling is in place

All of these elements and more are part of an audit process which the service centre must pass to become an Enerpac Authorised Service Centre.

Training is updated as products change or when new products are introduced.