Graeme Cook – The Legacy Lives On

Graeme Cook was a valued and respected member of the Jonel Hydraulics staff for more than 15 years.  He passed away in December 2011 after a brief illness.

Well known within the wider engineering community, there is little that Graeme didn’t know about hydraulic cylinders and seals. Legendary for his long standing experience and knowledge in the field, Graeme was generous with advice and his time to anyone who asked for help.

Widely relied on as a resource to others, Graeme was quick to recognise and greet people he hadn’t seen for many years as they sought out his help.

Graeme was a great mentor to all of the Jonel staff, believing that they needed to learn from their experiences and mistakes as well as from his example of treating all customers as personal friends.

In spite of his passing, we continue to operate Jonel in the way Graeme taught us all – the legacy lives on.

Graeme is survived by his wife Phillipa and children, Jeremy and Laura.