Digger cylinder repairs pumping

With the improved weather the Jonel Hydraulics cylinder repairs team have seen a surge in digger cylinders coming in to be reconditioned.

Dean Nadeem, Jonel Service Manager, explains “There is always extra demand when the weather improves, and after such a wet winter many businesses are playing catch up. They’re working hard, the diggers are operating over time, and parts are getting broken.”

Times of high demand are when planned maintenance really pays off. Now is a great time to start planning for next winter and thinking ahead about using any down-time for company-wide cylinder reconditioning and repairs on all heavy machinery. If hydraulic cylinder maintenance is done regularly and cylinder reconditioning is scheduled for quieter seasons, your equipment can hit the decks in top form when demand peaks.

The Jonel workshop is seeing a steady influx of hydraulic cylinders from diggers which need new seal kits and repairs to pumps and valves, but Dean reassures us that the team are rising to the occasion.

“Despite the workload, turnaround is still 24-48 hours” he says, “it’s just too expensive to have these diggers offline for our customers; downtime can cost $500 an hour, even for a small 10T digger. We’re committed to getting these cylinders back to top condition as quick as we can so that our customers can get working with only minimum delay.”