Cribbing Blocks

Cribbing Blocks – Dura Crib and Dura Stat

For years, industrial plants, mining and construction workers have used wood to crib, block or stabilise equipment, products and vehicles. A lot of cribbing used today is wood. Wood is relatively inexpensive, but comes with knots, is absorbent, cracks, splits, and splinters. The only guarantee with wood is that you will eventually need to replace it.

Dura Crib and Dura Stat plastic cribbing products do not contain knots, do not split, crack or splinter. They do not absorb blood, oil or most commonly used chemicals and are slip resistant. This saves you time and money in the long run.

Unlike timber, all Dura Crib and Dura Stat cribbing blocks are an engineered fit for purpose cribbing, blocking and stabilisation tools. They are made using strict production and quality control processes with known repeatable formula ensuring consistent end product performance and operation characteristics. Being engineered tools made from recycled high density polyethylene, all Dura Crib and Dura Stat blocks are non-absorbent and will not split, splinter or rot like timber.


Using Dura Crib and Dura Stat recycled plastic cribbing and blocking products is an ethical and ecologically sustainable important statement. By using these products your stabilising tasks, you help support a solution to deforestation, related climate change and you help protect unique biodiversity. Each piece of Dura Crib and Dura Stat reduces landfill waste and helps protect the environment.


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