Case Study: Rydges Wellington Post Tensioning Job

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We teamed up with Brian Perry Civil as they encountered a challenging post tensioning situation at the Rydges Hotel in Wellington. The project required the pulling of 3 pairs of 56mm VSL rod to 1781kN each, with less than 800mm of working room. The project team needed to find a solution that would accommodate the large diameter VSL nuts and meet the project’s tight timeline.


The project team teamed up with Jonel Hydraulics Ltd in Auckland, who supplied 2 Enerpac EAJ8LC Subsea tensioners with a maximum capacity of 2320 kN and 247mm profile. Additionally, Jonel Hydraulics supplied a couple of bespoke chairs to accept the large diameter VSL nuts. The air powered hydraulic pump running at near 16,000psi/1100bar required some head scratching, but in the end, the whole package worked perfectly. Remarkably, the jacks weighed a meagre 24kgs.


Shane Quigley from Jonel Hydraulics spent a significant amount of time discussing different options with the project team. There was a lot of back and forth, but ultimately, the gear was machined and delivered in an extremely short timeframe. David Hoffman provided excellent support, taking phone calls from the project team during the depths of the Covid pandemic. Jack Gillard handled the mathematics, and ultimately, the tensioning works, while Simon Fulford made everything happen.

2 Enerpac EAJ8LC Subsea Tensioners
Portlander’s Bar and Lounge Area


Thanks to the innovative solution provided by Jonel Hydraulics, the project team could pull the VSL rods to the required tension. Despite the challenging working conditions, the solution delivered outstanding results while meeting the project’s tight timeline. The successful completion of the project demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovative problem-solving in the corporate world.


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