Case Study: Patchell Repairs & Maintenance – Gibbs Logging

Laurie from Patchell Repairs and Maintenance recently called the Jonel service team in need of an urgent repair of a multi-stage log hauler cylinder that had been involved in an accident.  He asked for the quickest turnaround time and was told that we could finish the job within 10 days of it arriving at our Auckland workshop.

After discussing this with the end-customer, Gibbs Logging, Laurie recommended to them that they drive the damaged cylinder to us so that they don’t lose any more time in transit and the message was conveyed back to Jonel Hydraulics. Early the next morning the cylinder turned up at our workshop on a trailer and the team got to work…

The cylinder was dismantled and found to have all the stages bent and damaged.  The machine shop was set in motion with the end time in mind.  Over the next 4 days, all the parts were re-manufactured, chrome-plated and the cylinder was reassembled and tested.  It was ready for pick up 5 days ahead of its scheduled completion time, thanks to our hardworking team and awesome suppliers.

The job was so critical to the operation that the owner himself drove up and collected the job late night on the 13th of January and joyfully thanked the team for the effort.  He was stoked with the response time and speed with which the job was completed.  “I couldn’t buy a brand new cylinder from the factory overseas and air-freight it over in this time frame” he said.

Laurie from Patchells was not surprised at the service provided; he is accustomed to the service and quick turn-around time with the Team @ Jonel.

“Our Team understands that if a part is at our workshop; there is machinery that is potentially parked up and not making money for our customers,” explained Service Manager Salvin Singh.  Job done.