Case Study: 8.5T Shear Cylinder Repair

Michael from Sims Pacific Metals recently contacted the Jonel service team in need of an urgent repair of their 8.5T shear cylinder. With the cylinder halting operation, it was important for the service team to resolve the issue and have the cylinder repaired and back to the customer as soon as possible.

Due to the sheer size of the cylinder, the team needed a Hiab truck to transport and maneuver the cylinder within the workshop. After reviewing the damage, the team discovered that the piston seal had been extruded and was in need of a replacement. The replacement seal couldn’t be manufactured in New Zealand so the team needed to order one from Singapore. While waiting for the seal to arrive, the machine shop had the shaft on the lathe for polishing, and the barrel was honed and repaired.

Once the replacement seals had arrived, the workshop was set in motion. The team worked overnight to reassemble and test the cylinder to ensure that the client would be able to have the repaired cylinder delivered the next day.

Our service team understands that time is money and we do everything in our power to get you back up and running again soon. The team at Sims Pacific Metals was extremely pleased and thankful that our service team could help them get this important piece of machinery repaired so they could resume their great work.

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8.5t shear cyclinder

Repaired piston seal