• Enerpac high pressure ZU4 series electric pumps feature Z-Class high-efficiency hydraulic pump design; higher oil flow and bypass pressure, cooler running and requires 18% less current draw than comparable pumps
  • Powerful 1,25 kW universal electric motor provides high power-to-weight ratio and excellent low-voltage operating characteristics
  • High-strength, moulded composite shroud protects electric pump motor and electronics, while providing an ergonomic, non-conductive handle for easy portability
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Pro-Series models only
Back-lit LCD readout provides pressure display and a number of diagnostics and readout capabilities never offered on a portable pump before including pump usage information, hour and cycle counts, self-test, diagnostic and read-out capabilities, pressure readout and auto-mode pressure settings.

Pump Type Used with
Valve Function Valve
Type 1)
Pump Control Usable Oil Cap.(litres) Model Number
230 V – 1 phase – 50 Hz 2)
Wt 3)
Cyl_image1 Cyl_image2 Valve_image1 Valve_image2 Valve_image3
STD Electric
Pro Electric
(incl. LCD)
Pump_image1 VM32 Manual 4 ZU4204RE ZU4204ME ZU4204LE 27
VM32 Manual 8 ZU4208RE ZU4208ME ZU4208LE 32
VM33 Manual 8 ZU4308RE ZU4308ME ZU4308LE 32
VM33 Manual 20 ZU4320RE ZU4320ME ZU4320LE 50
VM43 Manual 8 ZU4408RE ZU4408ME ZU4408LE 32
VM43 Manual 20 ZU4420RE ZU4420ME ZU4420LE 50
electric pump 2 VM32 Remote(Man.) 4 ZU4204PE ZU4204JE ZU4204KE 27
VM32 Remote(Man.) 8 ZU4208PE ZU4208JE ZU4208KE 32
VM32 Remote(Man.) 20 ZU4220PE ZU4220JE ZU4220KE 50
VM33 Remote(Man.) 8 ZU4308PE ZU4308JE ZU4308KE 32
VM43 Remote(Man.) 8 ZU4408PE ZU4408JE ZU4408KE 32
VM43 Remote(Man.) 20 ZU4420PE ZU4420JE ZU4420KE 50
electric pump 3 VE32D Remote 4 N/A N/A ZU4104DE 29
VE32D Remote 8 N/A N/A ZU4108DE 33
VE32D Remote 20 N/A N/A ZU4120DE 51
electric pump 4 VE32 Remote 4 N/A N/A ZU4204SE 29
VE32 Remote 8 N/A N/A ZU4208SE 33
VE33 Remote 8 N/A N/A ZU4308SE 39
VE43 Remote 8 N/A N/A ZU4408SE 39
VE43 Remote 20 N/A N/A ZU4420SE 56

1) See valves section for technical information on valve types. 2) See custom order matrix on catalog page for other voltage options. 3)Subtract 1,4 kg for Standard (STD) Electric models.