• Enerpac high pressure electric pumps feature high-efficiency pump design – higher oil flow and by-pass pressure
  • High-strength, moulded electrical box protects electronics, power supplies and LCD readout and stands up to harsh industrial environments
  • IP54 protection and isolation class
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled industrial electric motors for extended life
  • User adjustable relief valve built-in on manual and solenoid valves. Oil ports on valves are 3/8″ NPTF
  • Steel fan guard on all electric motors
  • Full sight oil level glass
  • 40 micron filter breather with splash guard
  • Durable steel reservoirs
  • Back-lit LCD provides self test, diagnostic and read-out capabilities never before offered on an industrial pump (included on pump with electric valves, optional on other electric pump models)
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Pump *
For use
Valve Function Valve
NumberVM = manual
VE = electric
Pump Series / Model Number * (two stage)
W = 400 volt / 3 phase / 50 Hz
6,15 l/min
at 7 bar
0,55 l/min
at 700 bar
0,75 kW
8,88 l/min
at 7 bar
0,82 l/min
at 700 bar
1,12 kW
11,61 l/min
at 7 bar
1,64 l/min
at 700 bar
2,24 kW
12,29 l/min
at 7 bar
2,73 l/min
at 700 bar
5,60 kW
S/A D/A Adv. Hold Retr.
VM_NoBox VM32 4 ZE3204MW ZE4204MW
VM33 8 ZE3308MW ZE4308MW
VM33L 10 ZE3610MW ZE4610MW ZE5610MW ZE6610MW
VM43 20 ZE3420MW ZE4420MW ZE5420MW ZE6420MW
VM43L 40 ZE3840MW ZE4840MW ZE5840MW ZE6840MW
VM_withBox VM32 4 ZE3204LW ZE4204LW
VM32 8 ZE3208LW ZE4208LW
VM33 10 ZE3310LW ZE4310LW ZE5310LW ZE6310LW
VM33L 10 ZE3610LW ZE4610LW ZE5610LW ZE6610LW
VM43 20 ZE3420LW ZE4420LW ZE5420LW ZE6420LW
VM43L 40 ZE3840LW ZE4840LW ZE5840LW ZE6840LW
VE32Dump_Box VE32D 4 ZE3104DW ZE4104DW
VE32D 8 ZE3108DW ZE4108DW
VE32D 10 ZE3110DW ZE4110DW ZE5110DW ZE6110DW
VE32D 20 ZE3120DW ZE4120DW ZE5120DW ZE6120DW
VE32D 40 ZE3140DW ZE4140DW ZE5140DW ZE6140DW
VE3pos_withBox VE33 4 ZE3304SW ZE4304SW
VE33 8 ZE3308SW ZE4308SW
VE33 10 ZE3310SW ZE4310SW ZE5310SW ZE6310SW
VE43 10 ZE3410SW ZE4410SW ZE5410SW ZE6410SW
VE43 20 ZE3420SW ZE4420SW ZE5420SW ZE6420SW
VE43 40 ZE3440SW ZE4440SW ZE5440SW ZE6440SW

* For options, other configurations, voltage and models download catalogue pages. 
M = manual valve, no electric box or LCD; L = manual valve, with electric box and LCD; D = solenoid dump valve, with electric box and LCD; S = solenoid 3-position valve, with electric box and LCD.