Hex Drive Set (H) – power head, square drive wrench head, reaction arm with innovative design that completely encloses all moving parts and minimizes pinch points


  • 30–35° of operating stroke provides added productivity while avoiding “tool lock on” which is common with some torque wrench designs


  • Interchangeable head design
  • Power head / square drive combination for flexible use with standard impact quality sockets
  • Power head / hex head combination for limited height in line solutions • Wide range of hex sizes available for all applications • 360° movement of reaction arm with simple dial lock for rapid change
  • For use topside and subsea
  • Compact
  • Designed to give optimum strength to weight and torque to weight ratios
  • Minimum nose radius for trouble-free tool fit


  • Simple robust design with a minimum of moving parts
  • Proven to perform even in the harshest environments
  • BOP Hex Wrenches RSL2 – RSL20 model bodies and reaction arms are manufactured from high strength stainless steel. Reaction arms are available in weld-able cast steel. RSL30 bodies are made from high strength steel and reaction arms are made from high strength aluminium


  • Just three moving parts for reduced maintenance and covered by a three year warranty

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Hex Wrench Accessories

  • Inserts—full range of hex, bi-hex and special made to order
  • Hexagon reducing inserts, made to order reaction arms, hose swivels—individual and multi-directional