Jonel Hydraulics Hire shelves are stacked with hydraulic cylinders of all sizes and profiles – from High Tonnage to Low Profile or both! We have the biggest range of Enerpac Cylinders ready for swift dispatch to hire jobs across New Zealand.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Hire clients need access to a range of cylinders and jacks for scheduled maintenance shuts and plant repairs, bridge building, steel fabrications like high rise buildings, maintenance within the oil and gas industry, earth moving and transport applications, geothermal power plant repairs, electricity generation to dams and buildings, the marine industry – and for some very specific jobs like testing ground anchors on motorway embankments or cable tensioning jobs on bridges.

The most powerful Enerpac Cylinders in Jonel’s hire range can push 600T – but excessive force isn’t always the answer… the need for low height jacks only 41mm high for those tight fit situations, and just 5T is surprisingly high!

Why hire your hydraulic cylinders instead of buying?

Jonel sells a huge range of hydraulic cylinders – but if your applications change frequently, you can’t be expected to invest in a 150T cylinder one day and a 25 Ton jack the another. The range of jobs that our hire cylinders do varies dramatically, and we’re committed to providing an exceptional range of high quality hydraulic cylinders that have been thoroughly serviced and well maintained – so that you can get your hands on the cylinder, and on with the job, fast.

Of course, you’ll save huge money as cylinders can cost anything from $450 to $40,000+ to buy. And then there’s the hoses, valves and the right pump for your application or project to consider.

“Rather than investing in a swathe of equipment you can just hire the right tools at the right time, and let us take care of the overheads and maintenance!”

Jonel has a range of hydraulic cylinders & pumps for hire

On top of hiring cylinders each client generally requires pump, hose and accessories along with the cylinder hire.

Did you know? Jonel provides safety seminars and training on High Force Hydraulics i.e. pumps, torque wrenches, tensioners, valves, hoses, hollow jacks, high tonnage and low profile cylinders, rams and jacks.

Check our hire cylinder range here or call Herb or Shane to talk about your requirements!

Hire Hydraulic Cylinders