Built And Designed For Heavy-Duty Industries, the E-RAD BLU series precision torque wrench tools are designed to provide a high degree of accuracy (+/- 3% on target) for high torque assembly applications. Our patented and extremely advanced electronic pistol grip torque wrench combines the legendary RAD gearbox design and AC Servo motor technology to reduce bolting time up to 300% as compared to conventional hydraulic wrenches.

This tool is capable of data collection and torque/angle measurement, ultimately offering affordable solution for electronic bolting needs. It also includes a console module with a digital readout.

Advanced Technology, High degree of accuracy, Data collection
  • Torque Ranges: 100 – 11,000 ft. lbs. (135 – 15,000 Nm)
  • Data Collection Capability
  • LED indicator lights (Pass/Fail)
  • Push-button select torque
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Precision tool, +/- 3% Accuracy
  • Multiple models wrenches can be used in combination with one controller
  • Bluetooth connectivity with RAD Smart Socket for transducer verified joint calibration
  • Highly advanced Data Logging and Tool Management features
  • Military grade single cable and connector system
  • Available in 90 degree gearbox
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E-RAD BLU & Smart Socket™

The E-RAD BLU series is Bluetooth compatible, which can be used in conjunction with a RAD Smart Socket™ for field and transducer verification. This allows the E-RAD to be specifically calibrated on different joint types, as the E-RAD will follow the smart socket reading. (Please note the RAD Smart Socket is not included and must be ordered separately.)

E-RAD BLU 700 100-700 ft/lbs. 15
E-RAD BLU 1500 200-1500 ft/lbs. 8
E-RAD BLU 2500 COMP 250-2500 ft/lbs. 5.5
E-RAD BLU 2500 COMP – 90 Degree 250-2500 ft/lbs. 6
E-RAD BLU 3000 500-3000 ft/lbs. 5.5
E-RAD BLU 6000 1500-6000 ft/lbs 4
E-RAD BLU 7500 1000-7500 ft/lbs. 1.5
E-RAD BLU 11K 3000-11000 ft/lbs 1.3